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We aim to build a more sustainable and collaborative future for all of us. That’s why we cultivate values such as solidarity, responsibility, and cooperativeness. We know that only together can we achieve the unimaginable.

We invite you to embark on this journey with us. After all, our business is about people!

Uma mulher estende a mão em um gesto de cumprimento para celebrar uma parceria realizada.
Uma mulher estende a mão em um gesto de cumprimento para celebrar uma parceria realizada.


Brasão - Clube de Futebol Jabaquara

Sports Club

Through the sports promotion and incentive program of the Municipal Government of Ipatinga, we are proud to be part of the history of Jabaquara Sports Club.

Located in the Bom Retiro neighborhood, in Ipatinga-MG, Jabaquara Sports Club was founded in 1985 and operates as a leisure and wellness center. The football school, which operates in the same location, serves children between 6 and 13 years old free of charge.

The project plays a crucial role in providing opportunities for physical, mental, and social development for children and adolescents. It provides a safe and structured environment for sports practice, encouraging the adoption of healthy habits and the promotion of teamwork.

Bola de futebol estufando a rede referenciando um gol
In addition, the school provides access to sports for young people who would otherwise not have the financial resources to participate in sports activities. This initiative contributes to the individual growth of participants, strengthening values such as discipline, respect, and overcoming challenges, as well as creating a sense of belonging and pride in their community.
After more than 10 years without support, in 2023 the project will be able to expand the reach of its actions to more children from Ipatinga with the support of Futurotec.


Mão segurando uma lâmpada ecologica

Conscious energy consumption

In our company offices, all lighting uses LED bulbs and only equipment displaying the National Energy Conservation Label (ENCE) is purchased. We also use sensors that turn off or “sleep” environments and devices after a pre-established period of inactivity.

The adoption of the “XaaS” philosophy (by which any type of IT activity can be offered as a service) enables the offering of various technology products over the internet, reducing the need for additional equipment or servers that would consume more energy.
Imagem demonstrando diversas placas solares

Clean energy

Both headquarters have solar panels that guarantee 100% of the electricity comes from solar plants.


Our organizational culture is focused on efficient management and cost reduction, aiming to create a more organized and sustainable environment by reducing paper usage. Processes seek to increase simplicity, reducing bureaucracy.

Notebook/Laptop com várias pastas abertas
Thus, a policy of approvals and authorizations is adopted through an ERP system and for the few cases not covered, we adopt the use of digital certification, which allows eliminating paper printing in one or more copies, which served only for archiving and proof. All official communications are carried out through digital tools.

The goal is to ensure, by April 2024, the complete elimination of paper usage in the company.
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